Saturday, May 26, 2012

PHOTO A DAY IN MAY - Project Success

So you know how you get that bug to do a cool project and sometimes it doesn't quite turn out the way you had hoped?
Well, that was NOT this project.
I decided after seeing this at a wedding venue as a decoration, that I wanted this in my house.
I Googled, "how to make tea light trees"
My results came up obvious.
1. Collect tree branches
2. Tie twine around votive cup holders

I knew I wanted something better.
So I Googled "special tree branches" and Manzanita branches came up!!
So I ordered them and when I received them they were exactly as I had hoped they would be.
Wild and curvy and if you look at the top of the tree you will see a small leaf! IT'S REAL!!
I love it! We used brown floral wire to make a loop to hang on the branches. Filled the vase with small river rock to stabilize the branches.
So project success!! Yeah!!

Friday, May 25, 2012

PHOTO A DAY IN MAY - What Memorial Day means to me.

When asked the question what does Memorial day mean to you. I respond by saying, Remembering All Who Give All!

Now that means different things to different people. To me it means the men and women that have not only given their lives serving this great country but also those who are actively serving that have given their all to keep me free! To them I say, You Are My Hero's!

This is a little poem I wrote several years ago.

My hero’s are the men that give their everything,
Without even thinking of the consequences they say yes,
I will serve my country with reckless abandon.
I will give years of my life up for the protection of our freedom.

I will not let you down.

My hero’s are the men that storm the enemy’s camp.
No fear can hold them back when they are called to go.
They will not fail the Red, White and Blue
For it is to the constitution to which they remain forever true.

They will not let you down.

My hero’s are those that are so much smarter than I,
That can operate computers and machinery to make our military strong.
They will work tirelessly to prove America is the greatest country of all.
For their efforts will never fail, nor will they be in vain.

They will not let you down.

The hero’s are the ones that serve this great land.
That posses the humility to think that what they do is not much.
To them I say thank you. To all that have served and have given their all,
To them I say, YOU ARE MY HERO!! God Bless you all.
Thank you for our continued INDEPENDENCE!!!!!

Jenni Bettelli

Those are pictures My Hero, My Son took while serving in Afghanistan. With skin in the game it is much easier to feel the emotion of Memorial Day and all that it means.

But we all need to be grateful for Great men and women that have served and are currently serving this great nation.

If you happen to see a Veteran today or any time at all! Buy them their lunch or their drink. They have earned it!!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012


The day is fast approaching and I am consumed with thoughts.

Reminiscing on how fast my life is going. How quickly my son grew up.

Time flies

30 days until my first born is married.

30 days until I become a mother- in- law!

Dear Lord, help me to be better than I have been.

To be a better example to my daughter-in-law.

To love unconditionally.

To understand and have compassion.

To not complain!

To not give directions to my husband when he is driving! He doesn't need my help!

To be the best version of myself.

To put others before me.

To always put You first Lord.

All this so she might see you in me and love you too!

This is what 30 days before your child's wedding feels like. A rush of emotions like a freight train!

I had really hoped to be 20 pounds lighter too but that didn't happen so I feel a bit like a freight train!

This is the beginning of a new life for all the Bettelli's.

A new story unfolding.

A new chapter in my book! Coming soon to a Nook near you!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Picture of the day today is for my own encouragement!

A small reminder of a fun day with plenty of sunshine and warmth! OH AND YUMMY TREATS!!!
It is nothing more than a strawberry malt from a malt shop in Duluth. However, for me, its all about the setting!

We parked a mile or so away down by Canal Park where the big ships come in. You can see the Lift Bridge in the background of the malt picture! That is where we parked.

Then we walked the boardwalk along the water. Listening to and watching the Loons swim along the edge as we walked! My family didn't enjoy it quite as much as I had hoped. We heard a lot of, "I'm Hot" "How Much Further" "Nice Little 5 Mile Walk" (mind you these are kids 17-23)

But I chose to close my ears from all negativity as well as my lips, and I marched toward the goal!!

It took some work and time to get to but in the end it was all worth it!! Isn't that true of so many things in life!

Philippians 3:14

2 Chronicles 15:7

Proverbs 21:5

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Flower Day at the Bettelli home is kind of a big deal!

I love to shop for flowers! I am a terrible gardener and read many blogs on how to become better because I love it so much and I want to become better.

Today's trip was to my Happy Place - Pahls Market! I go there just to walk around and learn sometimes. But not today! Today was Flower Day!

The theme at my house is usually Red, White and Blue.

This is year is no exception!

With my son Jon home from the Marine Corp this years 4th of July is going to be spectacular!! The deck is donned with Red, White and Blue Petunias!

With, of course a little spit of Gerbera Daisy's for my eclectic side!

I found this little ladder at a

garage sale for $10 and pictured my Daisy's on it the minute I saw it!

My front pots are so cute this year. I really Love how great everything turned out! I have not yet finished my window boxes yet but they will follow the theme of course.
My house feels WEDDING READY!!! 32 Days!!!


Monday, May 21, 2012

PHOTO A DAY IN MAY - Ring a ding ding!!

These rings are made by my very talented friend Anne.

She was sick of paying the high prices from jewelry dealers and decided to take matters into her own hands.

She creates new and amazing designs all the time!


Necklaces and Bracelets too. She is really good at what she does!

I will be having a show for her jewelry creations after my son's wedding.

Please come check it out!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

PHOTO A DAY IN MAY - $32.00 Response Card!

Well this was kind of a funny day. Our daughter went to get the mail on this very windy day and one of the wedding response cards we are eagerly awaiting, blew right out of her hands and fell right between the cracks of our deck!

Funny side story about this portion of our deck. it has been driving my husband crazy for the past few years because it is not level. It seems to have been sinking a bit each year and he has wanted to fix it but has not made it a priority.

Well, this was that day! PRIORITY DAY!!

This one little response card needed to be retrieved so up came the board! I had just finished painting the deck two days ago and had run out of paint so there was no extra for this little project. TO MENARDS!

Gallon of deck stain - $25.00

New Board - $7.00

All this to retrieve a response card for the wedding - PRICELESS!!