Monday, February 18, 2013


The Rocky Story

Rocky came into my life as a puppy.  Somehow , somewhere one of my brothers acquired him.
He was the cutest little puppy. His little rubber tummy and puppy breath captured my heart from the get go.
He was however a little on the, CHEWY side!
Rocky loved to chew bones, toys, shoes, the couch. Yes, I said the couch.
He took it upon himself one day while part of the family was in Washington DC for a little vacation, to chew apart our couch.
Rocky was a sweet dog but on the day brains were handed out in heaven he was chewing the Throne!
He was basically an idiot. But nevertheless he captured the heart of young Jenni and I just loved him through every mess he made.

Until one spring day when I was a Senior in high school and still taking the bus. Rocky had decided that morning to eat my little sisters blankie. Which was really nothing more than a strand of blanket.
While I stood on the corner, waiting for the bus, Dad let rocky outside to go potty.
Rocky, wandered in circles for quite sometime, some are familiar with this process, we call it the poop walk.
Then he was squealing like a pig and my dad went out to see what was the matter. He quickly assessed the situation and realized that Rocky had consumed the BLANKIE STRAND without much chewing involved and was now struggling to……… “eliminate” it!!!! Rocky was frantic. Dad was chasing him, trying to step on the partially “Eliminated” blanket now dragging behind Rocky while Rocky squealed. Dad taking steps forward flopping one foot out in front of him to attempt to catch the blanket strand under his foot to hopefully pull it loose. 

The bus was of course late that day as the 6 of us stood there watching the Rocky and Don Show.
It was quite a sight!
I recall being rather embarrassed as we all disembarked the bus that afternoon after school was over.
As we parted ways one neighbor boy whispered to me quietly, “I hope your dog is ok” and laughed with the others as they walked past my driveway!

Yet another wonderful animal moment brought to you by Hometown Entertainment!