Friday, December 14, 2012

Memory Lane For a Short Trip.

Have you ever noticed how one little smell can take you down memory lane at 80mph?
Today it was ornaments on my tree.
The guilty one is Snoopy. This tiny little wooden, hand made ornament sent me down Memory Lane for a long drive today.

The very first thing that came to my mind was the fact that my Grandpa Swanson had made this little dog ornament. It is made from a thin piece of wood and hand painted.
It doesn't seem like much to you but to me its a piece of my Grandpa.
A small reminder of him. The way he would pretend he didn't see you when he was going to sit down and he would gently sit on your lap and immediately bounce back up!!! He was a funny guy, my grandpa! I miss him like crazy whenever I see this darling little ornament.

Then there's the Jenny Ornament. Flooding my mind with memories of many Christmas's past. All wonderful memories.
Mom and Dad made Christmas very special at the Swanson house. Dad was in charge of exterior illumination, which he did VERY WELL!!!
For a few years we used our old playhouse in the front yard and my dad and brothers would build it into Santa's workshop!! A live Santa (my dad or brother Doug) would sometimes sit inside the playhouse behind Plexiglas and cars would drive by and kids would come up to the window of the playhouse to see if their names were on the nice list!! 

I remember our house decorated outside with all red Christmas lights. I loved the glow of the red lights against the white snow. 
Then there was the inside decor! I am sure although I have not confirmed my source, but sure my mother did all the inside decor!

Our Christmas tree was lit with red lights only.
I recall the red glow of the living room from my bedroom doorway!
I suddenly went back to the night I asked Santa to please bring me a Captain and Tenile record  and a hockey stick.

I got up in the middle of the night to see if my wish had come true and I saw the hockey stick in the corner by the front door and the coat closet. With our stockings tacked to the front door, so heavy with a huge apple and orange in the toe, our Lifesaver book and Sixlet filled candy cane hanging from our stockings.  As I looked past the stockings I saw the tag on the hockey stick read: 
(mom always wrote it in all caps and in really neat printing) 
I was elated. Went back to bed and tried to sleep!!

Today as I think about the simplicity of that Christmas it made my heart smile. 
It's funny how a little ornament could bring back such a flood of memory.
But I am sure glad it did. 
Mom and Dad made Christmas special every year. From the Elves in the tree to the bells on the door knobs. I remember it like it was yesterday.

Special people make things special for others.
It is the reason I do what I do for my family. 
Not just for Christmas but I try to do it all year round. 
I love my family and I thank God for the amazing memories my parents have created for me out of Love! 
Thanks Mom and Dad! 
Merry Christmas! 
Here's to many more memories!