Monday, September 19, 2011

Romantic getaway

We have been waiting for so long for a romantic getaway. So for our 21st anniversary Kevin surprised me with a little trip to Mackinaw Island Michigan. I have wanted to go there since I saw the movie Somewhere In Time when I was 14.
So today is the the day we left for our road trip. September 19th 2011.

The drive is 9 hours but we are splitting it up and doing 5 today and 4 tomorrow.
Everything is going along perfectly. The weather couldnt be any better and we are enjoying our car ride chatting and listening to country music.

We stop for a little dinner and quickly get back on the road. Kevin informs me that his friend at work told him to take a different way because the way he was planning to go would take to long.
So our hotel reservation at the Hilton in Green Bay is cancelled to take our new route!! (this would prove to be a mistake!)

Driving along not really thinking that we should reserve a room in Marinette Wisconsin or Menomenee Michigan because it's a Monday in the off season in a small town. How bad could it be?

So we chose not to reserve a room and to play it by ear. ( this would be hilarious later)

Who would have ever thought that either of these towns would only rent out 15 rooms per night due to low volume time of year making it easier to have a smaller staff working.

So 10:30 pm we roll into the Country Inn and Suites only to hear those words Mary and Joseph heard, " there is no room in the inn"

So we leave the nearly empty parking lot wondering how in the world there are no rooms available when the parking lot is nearly empty.
So we drive back to the other side of town to get a room at the AmericInn. ( nice choices eh? )
The girl with crossed yes and missing teeth looks at us, at least I think she did, and says,"do you have a reservation?)
I wanted to say, yes, many but we are desperate for a room!!
She tells us, "sorry, we are booked."

We leave the hotel and enter the, again nearly empty parking lot!!

So we drive to the McDonalds to get free WIFI to look for anything nearby. Comfort Inn - NO ROOM, SUPER 8 -NO ROOM
Totally out of options, type A husband who plans everything,is totally freaking out. Our only other optioi Is, ECONO LODGE with a tanning salon in it as well. Tired from the road trip sitting in the parking lot of McDonalds, we reluctantly book the room!!

Once at the hotel the lady behind the desk asks, do you have a reservation? Kevin says yes we do. Of course knowing she only has 15 rooms available for the night and recognizes that we were not on her initial list. She looks it up and looks at us with a pleasant surprised face and says, someone just cancelled an hour ago and you must have booked that room. Good For you!!

So with the approval of the lady at the front desk of the Econo Lodge, we carry out luggage to the 2nd floor because the elevators are broken!!! AWESOME!

Its a flee bag to say the least. And I am typing this I am smelling plastic burning so I am certain we will be evacuating at some point this evening.
All of this took place with laughter!! It was hilarious to start our romantic getaway in a flee bag motel but hey we are not complaining. It's better than our other option. FINDING A WALMART AND SLEEPING IN THE CAR!!!