Monday, October 1, 2012

Love Language.

I have learned my love language.
Yes indeed after 44 1/2 years I finally know what makes me tick.
I love to make things special for people. Everything we do, I have a vision before hand on what I think It should be like.
In return my hope and heart expect the same thing from others.
I guess I would have to then compare myself and my expectations to those of Clark W. Griswold.
Who usually gets a bad wrap for his temper tantrums that typically involve obscenities. When reality does not meet expectation.
 I can honestly say I would never do that. (my fingers may or may not be crossed, You can decide)
However you view our dear friend Clark. All he really wants for his family is for things to be "SPECIAL" You can't fault him for that.
I actually cannot believe I am comparing myself to a fictional character, however it seems to really fit.

When your expectations are as high as ours, there is really only one place for them to go. Frozen eyes and impossible situations!

Does this mean I should stop having expectations for events and such?
Because that is never going to happen.
I need to make things special for my family and friends when we do things together because that is how I operate. What does need to change is what I expect from others to return to me.

Since my children were young I was always striving for ways to make even the mundane days special. Sometimes by my little notes attached to candy in their lunches, or a surprise visit to take them out of school to a movie or shopping.
Or Christmastime always trying to find new ways to make the holidays special.
Whatever the case may be, it is about making it special and making a memory for all not just for me.

What I have now realized is this, making things special or doing special things does not mean you will ever receive the same in return. Just because it is my Love Language does not mean it is everyone else's.
This is going to be a difficult thing to wrap my brain around but I must. For my own sanity as well as every newel post in my house! (watch Christmas Vacation to understand.)

Perhaps the lesson learned is lets just enjoy our moments together and appreciate the little things in life.
Yep. I think it is as simple as that!