Tuesday, September 18, 2012


A word  society is quickly eliminating from our vocabulary.
I however, have decided to take on the GRATEFULNESS CHALLENGE!

I  purchased a Smash journal at Target and I will use that as my Gratefulness Journal.
Smash Journals are found in the scrapbook isle at Target. They come in many colors pink, yellow, red and black. I spruced mine up to fit me! A little Glue and paper and you're good to go!

I realize journaling is not something that is every one's gift. However, this seems like a task I can wrap my brain around. It is definitely something everyone could easily do.

So, I am challenging myself to 365 days of Gratefulness. This is not going to be easy for me. Not because I am not Grateful, but because I sometimes I find myself busy. Which I believe is the main reason we are forgetting how to be Grateful!
We just get to busy.
So let me challenge you! Even if you don't take these elaborate  measures, just use a notebook or post it notes for higher impact!!
I challenge you to become more Grateful by taking the GRATEFUL CHALLENGE!!
You might even surprise yourself at all the many blessings you have been given!