Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Life's Deer Moments

As a young girl I was never very fond of the movie Bambi. I felt the sad storyline was a bit on depressing side even as a small child.
But one week of my life I got to catch a glimpse of Bambi's little life!
My brother and his friend were traveling through a what used to be remote part of our city. When they saw the deer on the side of the road. They stopped to see if the mother was near. She was and she must have been hit by a car earlier. The fawn stayed nearby 
  Not knowing what to do but overwhelmed with compassion for this young animal, my brother scooped up the baby and took him home.
What was he going to do? How would this poor deer eat? Where would this poor deer live?
I recall I was feeling a bit under the weather and laying on the couch in the living room, (that lovely red one seen there in the picture!) watching TV very late that night when my brother walked in carrying a deer. A live baby deer in my living room.
It was one of those moments you wonder, is this really happening?  How high is my fever?
I quickly realized this was real and we really did have a fawn in our living room. As the Swanson's do, we had to name this little fellow who would be part of our household indefinitely. 
We named him Kahuna. He was so sweet and so scared. His legs still rather unsteady from being so small.  We fed him from a bottle, I believe we just used baby formula. He was strong and had a darling personality. 
He would walk up to you and suck on your ear lobes. It was so funny. Certainly not something you get to do every day! 
We obviously knew we could not keep him so we ended up giving him to Camp Courage. A camp for people with disabilities. They had a lot of land and agreed to take him in.
What a joy to be a part of a week in Kahuna’s life.
Sometimes the little joy’s in life are over looked, but not this one. This experience made me the compassionate person that I am today when it comes to animals.
Thanks to a little deer named, Kahuna.