Monday, April 22, 2013

My Sweet Sweet Boy

Today is a hard day for me as a dog mom. I know I just lost a huge part of the audience. Those who are not animal lovers have no idea the pain you feel when your little buddy who loves you unconditionally is under the knife.

The other night I was concerned about my dogs bad breath and looked in his mouth and saw a red mass on the front of his gums.

I was rather alarmed at the shape and size of it so in the morning I called the vet.
She was concerned about his periodontal disease and we are both hoping that the red mass is from his yukky teeth.
Today my buddy is under anesthetic for the first time in his little life and he is 14 1/2 years old.
He is having his teeth cleaned and any bad ones removed.
They are also taking a piece of that mass in for biopsy.
If it turns out to be something more than just swollen tissue, this dog mom is going to be one sad lady.

I have a plan though.
If it is cancer, no further action will be taken medically other than for pain, and only for a short time.
I can't stand to see him suffer and if it comes down to that I will have no choice but to let my little buddy go.

Then I will need to take a vacation away from home. ( mental health break )

If you know me you know how much this is going to break my heart. I may need meals delivered! haha! Just kidding, I just needed a little laugh.

But seriously, I am going to be a devastated mom.
Franklin has been such a sweet little dog. Always there when I come home. Sitting at the top of the stairs, Usually with a silly smile on his face!!!  Always there when I was sick as a dog, no pun intended.
Franklin is my sweet baby boy and I hope and pray we have a few more years together. We will know more next week after the biopsy comes back. Until then he will have to get used to his mouth being a little less crowded. Poor little thing!
More to come when I know more.