Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Christmas Story

We spent Christmas day on the road on the way to North Carolina to meet up with Kevins family. For a little Snowboarding and frolicking in the snow!!
We were in Wisconsin when Kevins phone rang. It was Jon!!! We had not talked to him in 15 days!!!!! What a beautiful Christmas gift!!! WE talked to him for about 10 minutes and he sounded very upbeat!! What a precious gift. Thank you Lord. I pray somehow someway he had Christmas in his heart.
We ended up having to stop in Indiana for the night due to icey road conditions.
Christmas night it is difficult to find anything open so we ended up eating Hot Dogs from a Super America!!! It was Hilarious!! Chips and hot dogs for Christmas dinner hardly seemed right but it sure was funny!!!!
The rest of the trip was uneventful.
We are staying at a beautiful condo in Maggie Valley North Carolina.

So then Tuesday the 29th Katie, Kim, Josh, and Tim went Snowboarding at night. The Mountain Is about 3 miles from where we are staying. During the 2nd run down the hill some crazy kid ran into Katie which pushed her into Josh and they got all tangled up. Somehow in the mess, she hit her head on Josh's snowboard. They had to call an ambulance.
Tim called us but it was very broken. All we got from the conversation before his battery went dead was, Katie has a head injury. The ambulance will meet you at the bottom of the hill.
We had no idea what she hit. Was it a tree? Was it a Pole? We had no clue how bad it was except for the fact that they were transporting her by Ambulance!!
Kevin, Papa and Me all left the condo for the mountain. We tryed to get a hold of Tim to see if the ambulance was meeting us at the bottom of the mountain or the bottom of the ski hill. But we couldn't get a hold of him, so up we went. Kevin was cruising at about 50 up hairpin turns. Being scared to death of heights it was the least of my concerns. I heard the ambulance and then saw it in the mirror. It was behind us!!!! I kept telling Kevin that he should move over so they could get to her before us. Being as they could actually help her. But there was simply no way in their rig that they would ever catch us.
We Got to the top of the mountain and jumped from the car while papa took the car to find somewhere to park. The ambulance backed in and the medics got out asking where she was. She was not down the hill yet. Of course I could hardly see straight i was so scared for what condition we might find our Katie in. I over heard a man who witnessed the accident, telling the medic that she hit at 30 mph.
That would be the point wher Jenni lost it completely. Clutching My father in laws arm,crying fiercly, scared to death, I see a sled coming down the hill with a man snowboarding in front while a man skiing was keeping the controls in the back. Whistle blowing and a mans voice yelling for people to get out of the way. The sled came to a stop the bottom of the hill. All i see is my baby girl wrapped in a blanket with a full neck brace and oxygen.
I noticed a crowd gathering at the bottom of the hill and heard someone say they had stopped the lifts.
I tryed not to cry but come on!!! Thats my baby laying there. Being taken into an ambulance.
The driver tells me to take the seat in the front of the cab.
The drive seemed to take forever and I'm sure it didn't.
Once we arrived at the hospital Katie was talking and I could tell that she was going to be ok.
They transfered her from the stretcher to her bed in the ER and Katie asked the medic, Rebecca, if she could take a picture together!! I knew she was ok.
The CT came back normal and we were released from the Haywood Regional Medical Center.
Thanking the Lord that our baby girl was going to be ok.