Saturday, May 19, 2012

PHOTO A DAY IN MAY - I Like Candy!

This is quite possibly the most charming candy store I have ever been to. We always stop there on our way out of Two Harbors MN!

Personally I go there for 2 Things: 1. THE FUDGE! It's amazing! 2. The Salt Water Taffy! Banana, Vanilla and Peppermint are my faves!

Takes me back to my childhood for some reason. Which is really funny because I do not recall eating salt water taffy as a child. Nevertheless, I do now!

Anyway, if you are ever in Two Harbors MN or Duluth. take the Scenic Route and you will discover this little treasure!

Funny Story about the day we went there just a week ago. It was Mother's Day and we were heading to Duluth for some sight seeing and then home.

It was a balmy 73 degrees that day. My husband had bought me a Chocolate Shoe in the charming little candy store just before we went sight seeing! I didn't really think about it until we got back in the car and my Chocolate Shoe was a chocolate shake! OOPS! Who knew Duluth would be warm enough to melt my Shoe!

Friday, May 18, 2012

PHOTO A DAY IN MAY - Perfect Day!

This little sweetie is my precious little niece! I get to take care of her every now and then!! Truth is I would love to just keep her! But I think her mommy and daddy would protest!!

She is a spunky little thing that inspires me, frustrates me when she won't listen and melts my heart when she says, "I love you Jenni!" She makes every day I get to take her a better day!!

Today we spent the day swimming in our little blow up pool on our patio and enjoyed McDonald's nuggets for lunch. Then there is our perfect palm tree snack! She loves this snack!

She is huge fruit lover and I actually have to shop for more the day before she comes! It's so awesome!! I love this little girl and can't imagine my life without her!!

Oh by the way she peed in the grass for the very first time in her life! She thought it was fabulous! It was an emergency so I allowed it! I hope mom and dad trust me with her again!! YIKES!!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

PHOTO A DAY IN MAY - Its coming up Roses!!

Today I looked out my bedroom window and saw my beautiful roses have finally popped!

My children gave me these rose bushes to me several years ago for Mother's day. Each one representing one of my kids.

They will bloom all summer and bring joy to my heart everyday!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

PHOTO A DAY IN MAY - Dollar Store Score!!

I have almost missed today! Sorry for posting this so late. However, today was a very busy day and this is the first time I have been on the computer today.

I have chosen this photo that I took of some easy napkin rings for a spring brunch!

The best part about this photo is the fact that I didn't have Orange napkins for the brunch so I went to the dollar store and bought Orange dish towels. Folded nicely no one would ever know!

It was a cheep and colorful idea!

I also found the Gerbera Daisies at the Dollar Store and cut them to fit!

The dishes are all from the Dollar Store as well!! SCORE!!

Really easy but it makes for a beautiful table scape!

So here's the PHOTO for today

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

PHOTO A DAY IN MAY - What I am reading!!

Today's Photo is a book that I am currently reading. It is the intriguing story of the Glensheen Murders. It is the Huge mansion in Duluth Minnesota. One of our favorite places to be is the North Shore and Duluth. This story is written by detective that was on the scene! It is good read if you like real documentary stories like me!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

PHOTO A DAY IN MAY - Family Tree

I am a mom to all of these kids!

Being a Mom was nothing I asked for and EVERYTHING I WANTED!!!

Being a Mom to these kids has made me the person that I am today!

I often times wondered why we had to go through certain problems or events and early on my mentor told me, It's for your development as well as the kids!

Jon-my first born and my first joy! He brings delight and joy to my life everyday! I am so proud of the man he has become!

Katie - my second born and the middle child. MY MINI ME! She adds such spice to our lives and is strong and smart and fun to be around.

Kelsey - my baby of the family. She is my sweet and tender child. She brings music to our home with her beautiful voice and her worshipping heart.

Alex - My almost Daughter-in-law! She is smart and beautiful and brings joy to my Son Which in turn brings Joy to me!

So That's my family Tree!

I'm a Mom, Not by accident, by Design! Thank you God for your beautiful design for my life!