Sunday, May 20, 2012

PHOTO A DAY IN MAY - $32.00 Response Card!

Well this was kind of a funny day. Our daughter went to get the mail on this very windy day and one of the wedding response cards we are eagerly awaiting, blew right out of her hands and fell right between the cracks of our deck!

Funny side story about this portion of our deck. it has been driving my husband crazy for the past few years because it is not level. It seems to have been sinking a bit each year and he has wanted to fix it but has not made it a priority.

Well, this was that day! PRIORITY DAY!!

This one little response card needed to be retrieved so up came the board! I had just finished painting the deck two days ago and had run out of paint so there was no extra for this little project. TO MENARDS!

Gallon of deck stain - $25.00

New Board - $7.00

All this to retrieve a response card for the wedding - PRICELESS!!

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Becca Groves said...

This is so funny... so great with pictures and a great story to document. I've loved all of your photo-a-days...Might have to copy this idea sometime...