Friday, May 3, 2013


                              Normally my photo a day consists of photos I take that day.
But today is different. Today I must take time to acknowledge a dear family friend that passed away this last Tuesday in a hit and run motorcycle accident. 
Tim loved his motorcycle probably  more than anything else. Even as a small child I remember riding in his side car on his BMW motorcycle. I recall being terrified of Tim and I don't really know why. He was the sweetest, kindest man with an incredible sense of humor! 
I guess as a kid he must have seemed intimidating. He was a very self assured and confident man. Something I recall writing in one of my journals as a teenager while visiting them in Virginia. Stating that I wanted to marry a man with confidence like Tim Halpin. 
As a matter of fact, I did. 
Thank you Tim for being an incredible friend to our family. I will never forget our lunch under the bridge in Washington D.C. while visiting the Halpin family after they had moved to Virginia.
We were touring D.C. and I can't exactly recall all of the details on how we ended up eating under the bridge, all I remember is that it was raining and the bridge was near by so we took shelter under it.  This has been a story we have laughed about for years! 
Thank you Tim for the rides down the Potomac River in your awesome boat! I have never been so burned in my entire life as I was that day but It was the best boat ride I have ever been on! 
You always knew how to make everything fun. 
My heart is saddened by the loss but I know we will see each other again and ride your BMW on streets of gold one day! 
This is earth was not your home anyway and now you know the fullness and beauty of our Creator. 
You will certainly be missed.
We love you dearly. 

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