Thursday, May 2, 2013


Well this is rather anti-climactic, but this is our over night snowfall. 
It still seems hard to believe it is cold enough to snow on May 2nd.
My snow laden tulips are just about ready to pop open and burst the front of my otherwise blas√© house with amazing color. 
With this recent snowfall, I am not at all certain as to the life my tulips.
Will they open?
Will they live?
Do I need to cover them?
Is it to late?
All I seem to picture is the scene from Father Of The Bride where Franck (Martin Short) is frantically blow drying the freshly planted tulips due to unseasonable snowfall in San Marino California.
I know that if and when they do pop open, this ridiculous snowfall will have been long forgotten. 
As I will be enjoying my colorful view from my warm front patio. 
So I can assure you there will be another Tulip picture in Photo A Day In May 2013.

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