Sunday, May 26, 2013


Sometimes life throws you curve balls. We definitely caught this one in the gut!
About 9 months ago our middle child started getting really sick just about every time she ate.
We started logging what she ate and began making connections to the foods that were making her sick.
At first we thought it was Gluten. So we removed everything gluten from her diet. We gave it a month and there was no change. So we went back to logging her diet. 
We quickly discovered that every morning soon after she had her coffee she would get sick!
So we figured out that it had to be dairy. 
The pain staking process to change not only her diet but her mind set, began. 
The mind is much more difficult to change!
It seemed She began to focus more on what she couldn't have than what she could.
Ice cream and cheese are among her favorite things and most of the ice cream we have tried is just, OK. As far as cheese alternatives its hit or miss. Some taste like straight yuk and others are pretty good.

It will still be a challenge to find tasty things for our girl to eat but we are finding that changing the focus was the most important thing of all.

We are so thankful it wasn't something more serious. 
The search will continue for good foods to keep her nutrition level high.
We are so thankful for Earth Balance (her new butter)
and for Lactaid chocolate milk! I have never seen a girl smile so much in my life as when she found a chocolate milk that tasted good!! 
I mean come on every girl needs a good Chocolate!!! 
Much more to come on this subject. 

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