Saturday, May 25, 2013


Today is the day our first grandson is due. 
No phone call, no labor, no pains.
But it's a full moon tonight so here's hoping!!!! 

So off to project 1,000,000,002 for the Graduation party!
For our second child's graduation party we painted the garage floor and it looked stunning.
Until winter came and the salt and sand peeled it all up in tiny little chips of paint began trickling into my house. 
Sometimes things seem like a good idea until they go bad. Then you're just stuck vacuuming up the mess.
So with the next graduation party quickly approaching and leftover residue on the garage floor from old cars that we no longer have, dripping oil and other fluids onto the floor, we decided that we would Epoxy the floor this year. So my husband moved everything from one side of the garage to the other, vacuumed and prepped the floor for painting and then he went to town! I LOVE IT! 
As of right now It looks awesome! 
One of the best feelings in the world for me is a clean garage! I don't know why but this clean look just makes me smile.
I always admire people who keep clean garages and now mine looks good again too!!! 

I know by December I will be wishing we hadn't done it but right now it looks and feels amazing and I can't wait to have a party!!
For the last grad party that we had,  we rented a moving truck for $20 and put everything from the garage into the truck and parked it a block away so we had the entire garage decorated and open!
                                    We will be doing that again this party season!! 
Its what you do when you have a little Cracker Jack house.
Even though we rented a 20x40 tent  for the backyard with side and back panels, it is still nice to have the nice clean garage with no grease stains and a fresh coat of paint on the walls!
Good job honey!!! LOOKS GREAT!!!
 Now all we need is that cool Refrigerator I have had my eye on for a few years!!!!
(wink, wink)

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