Sunday, May 19, 2013


Well we finally had our first real ominous sky today! I have to admit that stormy days are just as wonderful to me as sunny ones. 
I love unpredictable weather which of course is why I live in MN! 

So in true Bettelli style, when the sirens go off, as they did today,  we run to the windows and doors!

This is how the Bettelli family watches storms!!! 
I guess I'm not a very good mom that it's my children's instinct to grab their cameras (cell phones) and run outside. 
But on the off chance that one day we actually see something worth the sirens going off for, it just might be worth it!!
For today just pea size hail and lots of rain. 
This is just the beginning!! 
I LOVE SUMMER STORMS because you don't have to shovel! 

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