Saturday, May 18, 2013

My photo today is an incredibly ironic one. The photo on the left is the scenery from the inside of the chapel out onto the reflection pool and cemetery for the funeral I went to today. 
Celebrating the life of Tim, my family friend I blogged about a couple weeks ago, who perished in an unimaginable motorcycle accident.

The photo to the right was taken in Washington DC many years ago, with the family we were with today who lost their, husband, father, grandpa. 
It was surreal to say the least. 
I was taken back by how similar the view was from the last time I had seen Tim.

God has a way of surprising us in unpleasant situations, with pleasant memories. 
One I will not soon forget! 

By the way that is me in the middle of the photo in the lovely blue pants and top. Not my best outfit choice. Yikes! My two little sisters to my left and right. My mom behind me with a Styrofoam cup of coffee because I think we actually had a thermos of coffee with us! (pre- Starbucks days)
Pleasant family memories shared with wonderful friends that will never be forgotten. 

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