Thursday, May 16, 2013


Biking was eventful today. First We saw a black snake then on our way back to the car we see this fire.  Thankfully a controlled burn. Which always seems like an oxymoron to me. 
Then my friend ran over a snake!!!! I HATE SNAKES and we saw two today in VERY CLOSE proximity to us!!!! Way to close for me!!!! 

And then we met these little charmers! Almost every time I ride the river trail I see at least one! They are so disgusting they make me freeze and become over taken with fear! But this time I didn't even see the brown one until my friend I was riding with ran it over! It was thick and long and disgusting!!! The pics I have posted of the snakes are NOT pics I took. I went to the MN DNR website to figure out what kind of snakes I am seeing all the time! I don't really care if they are harmless and " more afraid of me than I am of it" I HIGHLY DOUBT THAT!!!!
Nevertheless a good ride in spite of the nasty snakes the weather was a perfect 80 degrees and blue sky!! So great to have summer back!!!!

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