Wednesday, May 15, 2013


About 25 years ago I heard someone say they were saving their kids jeans from the time they were little  to make them a quilt out of their jeans.

It stuck with me. 
So from the time Jon was born until he left for boot camp, I have saved his jeans. 

I was inspired one night after I got home from a scrapbook weekend with friends. One of my friends was making a rag quilt for her daughter out of her school t-shirts.
I knew I had all of the jeans in a bin and some were even cut into squares already from a previous scrap weekend.
So when I got home in January this year I started working on it that very night.

Pinning was tedious and I thought I wanted to do a rag quilt but half way through I changed my mind so I had to unpin and re-pin everything.
Laying it out was fun. I reminisced a lot looking at those sweet little pockets I remember my son wearing.   I used all of his really little jeans in the center and created a square in the middle. 

I guess I never mentioned the fact that I had no idea what I was doing. I didn't measure a thing.
I also had no idea how to use a sewing machine at this point! I'm serious, I never learned to sew. 
I had no idea how to finish this project but I was determined to do it! 
I googled everything and It worked!
It's not perfect but its almost done! 
I had my friend who does embroidering make a square for me so it wasn't just a blanket but in my wild dreams, perhaps a family heirloom. 

 Here is my almost finished jean quilt. Please don't look to hard at my project. You will always find flaws! Plenty of them.  But you know what? IT'S DONE!! That is good enough for me!
                             I'm a little flawed too! (just a little) But thats what makes things special!
A little bit of gumption and a whole lot of GOOGLE got the job done!!
I am proud of my rough little project.
I presented to my son for his 24th birthday on Mother's day! I think he liked it. I hope he liked it.
My hope is that long after I am gone this little charm will cover my sweet boy and his family. With warmth and my love.

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