Monday, July 2, 2012

Days Go By.....

Wow, it has been a whirlwind of a month.
It is not for lack of material that I have not been writing. It has indeed been lack of available time.

I will need to break up my posts in sections or it would be far to much material to cover in one post.
I am starting at the beginning.
Our Son's wedding.
It is truly amazing to wake up the morning of your first childs wedding only to discover that it feels just like any other day of the year!
We went to our coffee shop and I grabbed an iced tea as if it were going to be a completely slow, relaxing, sipping sweet tea kind of day. My husband got his regular cold drink as well. We bumped into my best friend and her husband, had a brief conversation and said, "we'll see you at the wedding."
It came out so fast and easy it was like I was saying, "we'll see you at the pool!"

I went to go get my hair done for the wedding and it literaly took 15 minutes. It was gorgeous but I was again expecting much more from the situation than that. 4,000 Bobby pins later and I was on my way home to get dressed for the wedding.
The Wedding. My SON'S GETTING MARRIED!! Surely I should feel some other way but the way I am feeling.
All gussied up we pack up the cars and head to the venue where the wedding will take place.
I see my son for the first time that day. All handsome and so happy! All of the sudden it hits me.
I started to cry and my sweet Brother-in-law hands me a hanky with a B on it.
That made me cry even harder. I have no idea why! The thought of the embroidered hanky sent me over the top.

The Ceremony:
Jon's life long friend officiated the wedding and was elequent and had the perfect message.

With 2 emphatic "I DO'S"
Stuck Like Glue Began to play and the happy Couple danced down the isle MARRIED!
Here is my beautiful family. Our first photo together!

The GrandParents Loved it!

Everyone enjoyed the photo booth my hubby made. It was the highlight of the night for most everyone!

My very favorite part of the night however, was dancing with my son. We used to dance when he was little and he would stand on my toes and I would lead him around the living room.
It was his turn! I stood on his Cowboy boots and we danced to My Wish by Rascal Flatts.
I can't imagine anything better!

We had the time of our lives.
I lived every moment of it and can tell you every single detail, which I will spare you from. I enjoyed every moment of the evening from beginning to the end, (with a few snafoo's thrown in to make lasting memories)
But overall, my heart is happy. Happy to see my son in a new light. As the leader and provider for his home. Happy to have gained a beautiful new daughter who is smart talented. I can't wait to see the plans God has for them in thier new adventure.

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