Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hot Tip Tuesday - Neat Freak Tips!

Hot Tips Tuesday is quickly becoming my favorite day to blog!
Last week I blogged about Summer Make up Tips. I was asked to follow up with The Primer I like that is economical. I use Maybeline's primer and the price is somewhere around $8- $9 depending on where you buy it.
The Bronzer I use is Physician's Formula and I paid about $10 for it 3 Years ago! I still have it and it will carry me through this summer as well. So it is extremely economical!
Give them a try!

Ok now on to Todays HOT TIP TUESDAY!

Cleaning is one of my passions and I do it every Friday.

 Tip # 1. Set aside a day that you do not schedule anything else to do. Turn up your favorite music and get to cleaning! My musical pick is 80's pop and today's Country! Some day's I stick a movie in that I have memorized like What About Bob or You've Got Mail, Or any other that I don't really need to see, just hear, and I clean the day away!

Heels, skirt, pearls and apron are optional!!!
Tip #2. This is the time of year when we all find flies in our home! I really hate that! But I found a great way to kill them! Don't laugh..... HAIR SPRAY! It really works! Stops them dead in their tracks! Any hairspray will do the trick. I have yet to try to pre-treat my garbage can with Hairspray to see if it keeps flies away! But a friend did tell me to fill nylon socks with moth balls and hang them inside your outdoor garbage bin and it works as a deterrent for flies. However, the smell of the moth balls works as a deterrent for me!!

Tip #3 This one is my personal Favorite! Its called the ZIP IT!!
You can get it at your local ACE hardware store for about $2.50!
This will make you smile!
I was finding that my drain in the bath tub was running really slow. So I went to ACE to get some Liquid Drano. I asked the older (about 75 year old man) that worked there where I could find the Drano. He asked me what I was using it for. I looked at him rather curiously as if to say, Uh are ya kiddin me? Then I said, for a slow running drain in my bath tub. He fires back with, "well then missy, you want the ZIP IT. Your drain is probably filled with hair and this is all you will need." He was very confident that my problem did not require a harsh chemical treatment.
He shows me this plastic stick with teeth on it and said, "it's $2.50 for this or $11.50 For the Drano. I don't much care what you choose but I'm pretty sure you will find success with this."
So I bought the dumb thing feeling a little sorry for the old man. Walking our of ACE thinking this guy must be loosing his marbles. I know I am because I just bought a stick with teeth on it!!
I get home to my 80's music blaring, and went immediately to the bath tub. Stuck the Zip It down the drain and pulled up half a cat!!! With 3 ladies living in this house the hair volume was unbelievable! I mean that!
I finished cleaning and the tub drained faster than it ever had! It is truly  my favorite cleaning tool that I have! I use it every Friday in the tub and the sink in the bathroom and I never have slow running drains anymore! It is a must have!
That Is Hot Tip Tueday !! Enjoy!

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