Monday, June 11, 2012

T Minus 12 & Counting!

We are just 12 short days away from our first child, our one and only son, getting married.
I have decided weddings are like an onion. LOTS OF LAYERS! Just when you think you're done planning, there is yet another layer in front of you! There is so much wedding prep to do even for a small wedding of 150 people or less!
My list was growing so rapidly one day so I decided to buy a dry erase calender and spread the list out for each day to have certain tasks to finish. That way I still had part of a day to enjoy a little peace and tranquility. So I divided up the tasks that needed to be done according to urgency.
Thus far the calender is working!

The messes are amazing as well. There is a painting area where everything that needs to be painted is staged and ready! These types of projects are where I could putz and spend way to much time because this is my forte'!
I have painted tiny lanterns that were once white, Black! I have painted the chalkboards you see here and I am now in the process of adding the beading and sunflowers!

The one things I was not prepared for was the space all of the decor' and paper work would take up.

My house is about 1200 sq. ft. and we manage in this small space quite well most of the time. If I could have one wish, it would be to have an extra room to store all of the "THINGS" for the wedding. To keep them in categories and have room to work. But, I don't have this luxury so I make do.

Attempting to keep it all in perspective is my goal. To remember this is a short event. It is not about the things that make it "look" beautiful. It is indeed about the beauty of two lives coming together as one.
The irony here is that when two lives come together as one it can be messy. You bring all that you know to the relationship, he brings all he knows to the relationship and you attempt to find room for it all.
I remember our First Christmas together as a married couple. I was making cookies, MY families Christmas favorites. When my husband asked if I was going to make Peanutbutter Blossoms. I was outraged! Are you serious? My Mom didn't make those. That was not part of my family tradition!
But it was for him and it was important to him. So I learned that day that we needed to figure out what OUR Christmas would be like. What OUR traditions were going to be. A good lesson to learn right away!

 It's a bit like a symphony. Many instruments working together to create a magnificant sound. That is our focus. Not the "things." But rather, the one "thing" that matters most. That is the relationship. In the end, the wedding will be over in about 4-5 hours time. 
It's the lifetime ahead that matters.  

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Dawn M said...

Praying for you, sister! Can't wait for the day!