Wednesday, August 27, 2014

My dear new friend

I have not Blogged in quite a while however I have been quite active on Facebook. However, this post required a little more thought and time than a Facebook post so here I am.

I met a man about 2 years ago during my Operation Christmas Child work season. I would pass though the Starbucks in Eagan to get my coffee before heading to the warehouse. From the smell of Coffee to Cardboard!! YUM!

One day an older gentleman approached me while I was in the long line for coffee, apparently I am not the only one that doesn't brew at home, and on this day as it turned out God had a reason for that long line.
As the man who approached me would become my dear friend Bill.

He noticed my Operation Christmas Child T-shirt and asked me what it was all about. So a half hour later he knew pretty much more than he ever wanted to. I had passed my passion for OCC on to this poor old man.
Well, he loved it, and every day I would come to get my coffee he was there waiting to see me wanting to hear more stories.

After the season ended I didn't get up to the Eagan Starbucks anymore. A year went by and I never saw Bill.

Then one day I was leaving for Bible study early on a Tuesday morning and stopped by for a coffee. There he was. My 83 year old friend.
I said hi and remembered who I was immediately. We have been having coffee every Tuesday (sometimes Wednesday) morning now for almost a year!

We talk about everything from food to health and we laugh like school kids. He is 37 years older than me but we are amazing friends.
He is a wise well traveled man and never utters a negative tone! He is exactly like my husband just 36 years older!
I am not kidding! These two are so much alike I feel like I am speaking to the Kevin of the future!!

Last week he told me about his families tradition that dates back to the late 1800's. They all gather together in October to make their own Apple Butter.
His grandfather started it and the tradition has continued all these years!
Needless to say I was captivated! It was Pinterest before Pinterest was cool!
The family gathers together at his son's house and they have a copper kettle and an oak paddle to stir. They all help peel and cut the apples as well as stirring the 200 pounds of apples until they are cooked down. Nearly 10 hours! Each person takes their time to stir.
It is a timeless tradition in his family.
Captivated by this tradition doesn't begin to describe how I was feeling when he told me this! I love it! i wanted to run out and buy a copper kettle!! (where does one get a copper kettle)

So this morning I met him for our coffee date and he said he had a surprise for me. He pulls out a jar of his homemade Apple Butter!
I was elated! I couldn't thank him enough.

He is the most wonderful man I have ever known, aside from my dad and my sweetheart Kevin.
But what a gift God has given me in my 83 year old friend Bill.

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