Monday, May 19, 2014

The Power Of Love!

My little buddy Cole is going to be 1 year old and I can hardly believe it. Our first grandson!
I have been there with him growing every step of the way and I wouldn't trade a thing.

So far my husband is Papa and I am Nana. I like it! A LOT!

Sometimes I just sit back and watch my husband play with Cole and I think, my life can't get any better! It makes me think how great God really is.

Because of how different this story could have been.

I do not share my story with very many people for many reasons. Not the least of which is I do not want to make what we did and went through look like a good path for young people to take. But today I need to tell it. To show God's great love for us.

When Kevin and I had been dating for quite a while  we got engaged. Soon after that we entered a path we were not supposed to be on. We soon found out that I was pregnant.
I was angry! Mostly with myself for compromising my beliefs I had held on to so deeply. But, I decided to take it out on Kevin.
 I was going through a lot emotionally and for 9 months I did not want to have anything to do with Kevin. We did not see each other and he was not at the birth of our first child. (this was my choice not his!)
He came to see him a couple times but I was still very angry so there was really no hope for reconciliation.
Around our son Jon's first birthday Kevin asked if he could come visit and take Jon out for a little bit. I was hesitant but I think my mom thumped me on the head and said LET HIM DO THIS!!!
So Kevin, who had not had much contact with Jon at all, comes into my living room and Jon looks up
at him and immediately says, "DADA"
My heart was broken. It was like God just melted all of that anger away.
3 months later we were married!

FAST FORWARD a few years to today:
I sit back and watch Kevin play with Cole our very first Grandson, Jon's son, and I see how God has restored the years that Anger took.
I am so grateful and thankful my heart can almost not contain it all sometimes. The way Cole's eyes light up when Papa comes home is precious. I can't imagine anything better than being Coles Nana and Papa. We have been able to do this first year of Cole's life, TOGETHER.
Redemption is a real thing. I see it in the eyes of my little Cole.
The power of God's great love for us is just amazing.


nsheldon said...

Hi Jenni,

Thanks for sharing this hard story. I loved to hear how God worked and melted away the anger that you had and how he restored your marriage and your relationship. Praise God for always working--even when we are in a bad spot! Love you friend and love to read your blog.

jenni said...

Thank You Nicole. We serve an awesome God. I know you know that well!!