Monday, October 7, 2013

A Little Stay at Home Mom Encouragement!

There are those moments in life that make you question everything.
Why am I here?
What have I ever done that is worth anything?
What will I do now?
What am I really worth?

I believe that no one can make you feel worthless unless you allow them to!  But there are times that a little cutting word can make you question everything.
I have been a stay at home mom for 22 years. I have raised 3 kids to be responsible grown ups, caring and loving individuals with independent spirits. That is a great accomplishment, isn't it? 

Then the show stopper comes. Watching a popular T.V. show last week where one of the mothers was a lawyer and has suddenly chosen to stay at home. But in the little time that she has been home she feels, WORTHLESS. Her home isn't satisfying her. Why? Because her worth is in her Paycheck. 

Sitting in a Starbucks with my little pink Mac Book Pro last week in my carpi's and a sweatshirt. This very attractive young lady with long brown locks perfectly curled, A tan pencil skirt and nude high heels with a black blouse, absolute perfectly coordinated outfit, walks in. She is at the top of her game! Professional, beautiful, slim and ready to take on the world.
For a moment I felt that feeling of worthlessness creep in, saying;
When was the last time you looked like that?
What important client did you meet with recently?
And then the kicker, (and this one takes my breath away): These are the kinds of women your husband sees everyday! 

I read today in the Huffington Post that moms that stay at home are more likely to be angry and depressed than mothers that work outside the home. It went on to say that formal employment or at least the income associated with it has emotional benefits for mothers which in turn benefits the kids.

Holy smokes, one discouragement after another!  I could really let this get me down if I wanted to. Especially since I have not been gainfully employed in 22 years.
Especially since I have no kids to parent anymore and no "real job" at least not one that pulls in a paycheck.

My worth, thank the Lord, is not tied into these things or these emotions.
 Does it get me down from time to time? Yes, of course there is nothing the enemy loves more than to defeat you with your own family.
Causing you to question and then resent anything and everything you do, with and for them.Making you feel worthless.
It is his best ammunition. If he can defeat you with your own family he wins big time! He gets you and your family!!!! 

Be the gatekeeper of your home and DO NOT ALLOW THESE THOUGHTS TO HUNT YOU DOWN!
You are raising the next generation of great leaders, business men and women, doctors, lawyers, artists, nanny's, Mom's and Dad's!!
If you are raising them in a defeated attitude then neither you or the ones you're raising up will ever recognize their worth or where that worth comes from! A most high God who loves them and has called them! 
Be encouraged today to stick with it! It's a high call that you have been given! Don't let anyone, and I mean anyone, minimize your life as a stay at home mom! 
Psalm 18:32 It is God who arms me with strength, and makes my way perfect!!!! 

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Becca Groves said...

I know you're not looking for a job, but you could MAKE IT YOUR JOB to write an encouraging post like this once a week for those of us questioning everything in the trenches! This was such an encouragement to me. And to remember that it is ALL WORTH IT. It is hard when they're so little and so constant. Everything is constant. And sweet words like this are such a helpful treasure in the midst of every opinion under the sun on the topic of motherhood. I would never judge another's decision, I made this choice on my own, but it still is a hard one!

So thank you for this. I needed it so bad today!