Sunday, May 5, 2013


So we decided to take the girls to a nice quiet breakfast at our favorite spot. The Original Pancake House in Edina. Delicious food can even make you forget you have an allergy to dairy, right Katie??
Everything was awesome.

Then on our way home we see the Burnsville Mobile command center driving down the frontage road in Burnsville. So we followed it to see where it was going. As we drove by Buck Ski hill we saw the entire Burnsville Police force in the trailer park next to Buck Hill.
We "needed" windshield wiper blades so we pulled in to O'Reily's where the Burnsville Command center happened to be parked. Truly an amazing sight to watch as the men began getting their gear on  to head into the trailer park.
But, by far the coolest part was when the camouflage sharp shooters showed up! 

Then shortly after several men dressed in camo came out loaded with gear and shields. 
We also saw an all black M.A.G.G. armored truck  top hatch open with an armed man out the top!!!
I'm telling you this was serious business!! 
It all ended peacefully as far as we know. We sat in the parking lot for almost 2 hours waiting for something to happen. We have no idea why there was a standoff but I am sure we will find out tonight on the news. 
You just never know what your day will hold! This was pretty cool! 

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