Thursday, May 30, 2013

Photo A Day In May - Day 30

There is something very surreal sitting in a preschool graduation watching all the parents react as their graduate walks in the room. 
Their sweet little caps and gowns and beaming faces. So proud of their accomplishments and rather enjoying the attention of the cameras and phones taking pictures and video. 

As I watched the darling little teachers run the program  for their adorable preschoolers my mind came back to reality. Oh my goodness that teacher is my baby girl! 
She should be donning the blue cap and gown and toothless grin and yet somehow she is standing in front of the class leading them as their teacher!
Katie I am so proud of you. As I watch you work with these kids your hard work, hard days and unbelievable creativity and compassion as well as your undeniable dedication to each child, is simply amazing! 
You are a gift to these kids and their parents and you are a gift to our family!
you are an awesome young woman and a GREAT TEACHER KATIE!!! 

Just a sample of Katie's creativity here with Swiss cake rolls that look like diplomas! 
What a yummy idea! 

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