Thursday, May 23, 2013


Baby Bunnies

I have had no tulips to speak of this year as most of the heads of them were eaten off by the rabbits.
I cleaned at least 1 home depot size bucket of rabbit poo from my yard this spring, once again from those "wascally wabbits!" 
But I still love them! They are just so darn fluffy and cute! 

But there are those who hate them.
Hate them to the point of "taking care of the problem."

Most tell me they do this to save their gardens.
 Others tell me they do it just to keep them out of their yards.
I understand completely. 
But it still makes me incredibly sad. 

When my neighbor's dog discovered the bunny nest tonight. We all went back to look at it, to see how many there were and to figure out a plan.
Once the layers of wood chips had been peeled back, it revealed 6 baby bunnies I could no longer contain myself. I had to hold one or 3! 
The dog that found this one, let it go but it had a tooth mark in its back.

They all told me, feel free to take them all home to my house and If I had anywhere to put them I would have! I'm a sucker for a baby animal what can I say?
They were so tiny and adorable. Hardly any fur at all. Just the skin with the color markings on their bodies where their fur will eventually be. 
I should have never held them. 
I had to leave to go to dinner and put them down and as I did I knew they would be dead before I got home from dinner and they were. 
I still understand, I do, but I still think its sad. 
I think killing cows is sad too but I had steak at Outback tonight so I am a little contradictory here I realize that! 
But I don't kill the cow myself so it's the not ever seeing it that seems to make it tolerable.  

I do think with mama on the run as well as her many "suitors"  that the bunnies definitely  will end up winning this war. 

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