Wednesday, August 8, 2012


You know that little REFRESH button we all need to press from time to time on our computers? 
I have a REFRESH button too! I found it this last week.
It's in the shape of Florida!
We have been busy this summer with so many wonderful things so we decided to just get away from Mn for a few days and soak up some sun somewhere else.
It used to be hard for me to leave Mn. in the summertime because we only have it for such a short time. I always wanted to make sure I took full advantage of every beautiful Minnesota day. 
I love my state, but I have to admit I have a love that captured my heart from the time I stepped off of the plane when I was 18 years old. 
Our family took a trip to Orlando Florida and I instantly fell in love with the Sunshine State.
We have traveled to many destinations in FL since that wonderful day when I married a Floridian! And I do believe I have found my retirement home.
Clearwater Beach Florida! 
Oh my heart!! There is so much to do and if you want to do nothing  you can do that too! All while holding a Pina Colada and wearing a bikini no matter what size you are! 

I'm hooked!
 From the bay area's spectacular views to the beautiful Sunset festival every night at Pier 60.
It is truly a scene i could relive again and again! 

As I was laying on the beach I looked out into the water only to see dolphins (another spectacular sight that would certainly never get old!) jumping in the water right in front of us.

Soon after that i saw this sweet 80-90 year couple holding hands walking on the beach. He, sporting what I can only refer to as a, Banana Hammock with a rather large Tattoo on his bum. 
His rather hunched bride wearing a bikini that was the same fabric as his suit. Upon closer examination, the woman, 80-90 years old, was also sporting a belly button ring!

It was then that I realized WHO THE HECK CARES WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE!! The beach is to behold, enjoy, REFRESH!!! No matter how old and wrinkly you get!
 It was also a great reminder to me to really appreciate the love of my life every chance I get! Watching that couple completely in love and uninhibited in their tasteful display of affection, (holding hands) made me hopeful for long romantic walks with my husband on that beach when we are old and wrinkly too! 

Thank you Lord for your hand crafted beauty we saw and took notice of every single minute of every day. You truly refreshed my soul.

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