Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happiness and joy overwhelm my soul as I prepared for Jon's first return home since last July and his 7 month deployment to Afghanistan.

I cleaned his room, dusted every nook and cranny, washed the sheets and returned them to his bed. Where very soon he would be resting. There is a very good chance that while he is sleeping I will be standing at the door of his room peeking to see him safe and sound in his bed. It may sound creepy but if your a mom you know you would do it too!!

This day is to be special. Our friends and family are going to be here waiting when we come home, to welcome Jon home!
Cookies are plated water jugs are full. WELCOME HOME JON sign is ready. Neighbors are anxiously waiting.

Proudly Donning our Black,gold and red Marine T shirts with flags and welcome home sign in hand we make our way to the Minneapolis Airport.
Upon our arrival we realize we are at the wrong Airport!!! We need to be at Terminal 2 not Terminal 1. So Laughing we run to the car pay our 3 dollars robbery charge for our 5 minute stay at MSP international! Quickly make our way to the other terminal.
Waiting at the door upstairs with all of our gear on we must have been quite a site for others to observe. Waiting for the sliding door to open and reveal to us our Marine Son. There he is, I see him walking, I can hardly contain myself but I have to because I need a good picture of his sisters jumping on him yelling, "WELCOME HOME JON!!!!!"
It was an amazing thing to hold that man in my arms and look at his face. My son is home.
Turning onto our street was an absolutely amazing sight.
The street was lined with yellow ribbons on every tree. 10 motorcycles lined the street as the Freedom Riders came from our local Legion, to welcome home a fellow soldier!
I see friends and neighbors lining our street clapping and screaming and shouting welcome home!!!!! There must have been 75 people! It was Quite a sight to behold.
Donny is playing The Marine Corp. hymn on his electric guitar as Jon is now hugging friends and family.
We will most certainly be celebrating this homecoming all week!!!!

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