Thursday, April 18, 2013

Baseball In Mn

ARE YOU READY FOR SOME....................

April 15th 2013
30 degrees and we're playing ball baby! 
Sunday's Twins game was actually cancelled due to sleet, rain, snow and 30mph winds.
While I must admit to saying a prayer or 10 that Monday's game (the one we had ticket to) would also be cancelled, It never happened! 
Monday's much balmier 30 degrees with a WSW wind of 10-15 MPH was much better.
Baseball in Mn! Gotta love it! 
While I admit I was missing the Dome just a bit. The dome could never provide cool pics like this!!! There is nothing like outdoor baseball! 

 I decided to write a new song for the Twins this season. A variation, if you will of the classic,
                                                     Take Me Out To The Ballgame.  

                                                      Take me out to the ball game,
                                                      Take me out to the cold!!!!
                                                      Buy me some peanuts and HOT COCOA,
                                                      In about 5 minutes I'm ready to go,
                                                      But it's root, root, root for the home team,
                                                      If they don't win it's the same!
                                                      Cuz it's 1..........2............3 DEGREES out at the old Ball Game!!!!!!!

This was the Hat Classic of the evening! Yes indeed it was cold enough to be donning the eskimo hats!
Let it be known that just hours before this game I was shopping for a LONG DOWN COAT to wear to stay warm! It worked!!! I was never cold!
I have always been told there is no such thing as to cold, just bad equipment! I had good equipment and it was successful!!!
And so did this guy!!

Every player was wearing the number 42 Honoring Jackie Robinson. I have to admit,
at first the thought crossed my mind that this new numbering thing was "LEVELING THE PLAYING FIELD"
 But it turns out that wasn't the case! 

In spite of the cold temps 23,000 crazy Minnesotans and one Pregnant woman from California, (my daughter-in-law) were there to cheer on the Angels and the Twins! 
It was really a fun time with my family! One I will not soon forget! 

And on a rare occasion the Twins actually WON!!!! 
Making it all worth while! 
Even the $8.00 7th Inning Stretch Hot Cocoa!!! (thanks hon)
Which incidentally was incredible!!! Worth every penny!! 
Now lets crank up the heat for the

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