Friday, May 4, 2012


Surprises are the best! Especially when nature drops them in front of you! Literally! I was sidewalk chalking with my 3 year old niece today and suddenly my dog takes off after a squirrel that had a baby wrapped up around its neck. The squirrel dropped the baby at the base of my tree and my dog had no clue what to do! Even though he has chased them for years with what has seemed to be intent to kill. He proved today that his heart is bigger than his appetite! He sniffed the squirrel and walked away to find the mother!
I went and picked up the baby from the ground and he let me hold him! It is so sweet when nature allows you such a privilege. I placed him in the crack of the tree and stepped away. minutes later, mom came down, wrapped him around her neck, looked at me as if to say thank you, and headed back home. What a beautiful connection with nature today!

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Lisa Groves said...

That is Amazing Jenni!!! Forget sometimes that all the little creatures come from a family. So, so cute.