Monday, April 30, 2012

My Wedding Journey From The Mother In Law

It seems a bit odd to have a child of mine getting married. I don’t quite feel old enough for this journey.
I still feel like a kid in college myself. Totally in love with my amazing man.
But here we go! My Oldest and only son is getting married!
My Daughter in law to be has been living with us since January.
She is a wonderfully creative, smart and talented, not to mention, a beautiful girl. (They say boys marry women like their Moms) te hehehe!
It has been interesting and fun to watch the relationship between her and I grow.
We knew very little about each other before January, and now I feel like she is one of my own.
It is truly amazing how a relationship can develop so quickly. She has become one of our girls. We have even converted her from Blonde to Brunette!
I feel blessed to be on this new Mother in law journey.
My life has just had more seasoning added to it and it seems to be a perfect blend!
More to Come…. Wedding planning as the mother in law!

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